"There is no better job than the one we love and that is good for others"

This is how I consider my activity as a wedding photographer.

For the record, it was late on that I discovered a real taste for this photographic field. In fact, I did not know for a long time what it meant to be a wedding photographer or at least did not grasp the subtleties. But life being made of chance and meetings, a friend once asked me if I could be present to document the marriage of his cousin. It was in the beautiful city of Santiago de Queretaro, north of Mexico City. Being curious in nature and looking for new experiences, I accepted the “mission”. This first time was quickly transformed into a pleasure constantly renewed, in Mexico as in France.

A wedding usually takes place a whole day, so I wished to propose only one formula. It is also a taste for storytelling, because a story that does not involve the beginning or not the end loses in my eyes much of its strength.

Formula « La Totale » – 1390 €

  • Report from the preparations (9:00 am) until the launch of the evening (half past midnight)
  • Editing and selection of the pictures
  • 30 hours of post-processing
  • Around 900 clean pictures in HD without copyright
  • A 2 minutes video slideshow that take place of the traditionnal Photo album to keep watching and sharing easy in every circumstances (you can select the music if you want to)
  • An Usb Key in a lovely wooden box containing the pictures and the video slideshow
  • The first 20 kilometers around Le Pecq (78230) are offered. Beyond this, the price of travel costs amounts to 0.50 euro per kilometer. Added to this are the possible toll and parking fees.

Ability to print a book with 100 photos you selected (supplement)

I say that if you consider that the story you want to keep is sufficient in a smaller form, it is possible. For that it will be necessary that we speak about it to be certain that it is what suits you.

It’s the same if you want the presence of a second photographer, that I stay until the end of the night or that I move abroad … everything is feasible (well, almost)!

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